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Safe Pass Course Galway

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Contact Padraig Curley for Safe Pass

The course is presented by Padraig Curley who will be conducting Safe Pass Courses in Loughrea now on a regular basis. It is our hope that this new location maintained consistently will prove beneficial for people in the Galway area for Safe Pass Courses being half an hour from most of Galway County.

Safe Pass Course Loughrea Training

ModuleLearning Unit
1. Site Safety and the Construction Worker1. Introduction to Site Safety
2. Legislation and Site Safety
3. Site Accident Reporting
2. Introduction to Risk Assessment4. Introduction to Risk Assessment
3. Implementing Risk Assessment5. Risk Assessment for Heights
6. Risk Assessment for Excavations
7. Risk Assessment for Electricity
4. General Site Safety8. Site Safety and Construction Equipment
9. Site Safety and Construction Vehicles
5. Personal Safety10. Personal Protective Equipment
11. Noise and Vibration
12. Manual Handling
13. Personal Health and Welfare
Padraig Training Safe Pass in Loughrea Galway.
Padraig Training Safe Pass in Loughrea Galway.

Contact Padraig Curley for Safe Pass
Padraig training Safe Pass in Loughrea Galway.

 Solas Safepass Website

Course Duration:   One day course (7:30am – 5:00pm)Number of Participants:   10 (Maximum allowable with Co-Vid Restrictions)Course Fees:   €150 (including Solas Safe Pass fees) 

When you complete the programme, your tutor will upload your results to our card management system. Your Safe Pass Registration Card will be issued to your tutor about five working days after they upload your information to the system. If there are any errors or queries about the information provided by your tutor, your Safe Pass Registration Card could be delayed.